Smart meter Rip off

Had smart meters fitted 2 months ago, my bill has just gone from £260 in credit to £650 in debit !!! Bulb arranged the fitting yet cant use the smart option to read em !!! What’s the point, the stupid box inside worked for 3 days no longer works.

At least your IHD worked for 3 days! Mine has been gathering dust the “installation” in June. I am also losing my mind on the billing, complete joke and yeah try and get in touch with Bulb via email = 2 week response time or half a day on the phone.

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Is there a plea for help on my post ?? No, it is a statement of fact to warn others,

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Only 30mins on the phone, total result, they admitted screwing up the reading, over £500 credited, they reckon my meters are now set up thesend daily reading ( timewill tell ) but not a lot of joy on the smart box inside, although they did admit having major probs with them

Good job, you have had more luck than me! I got £80 credit and a bunch of false promises including the “daily reading” which was true… for 3 days and then it stopped again. hope it works out better for you though.

guess I’m the lucky one as I had smets 1 meters(prepay) fitted by my previous supplier as bulb or any supplier can’t switch smart p/p meters these were changed to credit meters which happily went through without any hiccups, somebody up there must like me, but in all seriousness this “smart” meter Fiasco/Farce/Shambles, I could say more but this is a public forum, is beyond a joke

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After reading your experiences of smart meters I’ve just cancelled my install which was tomorrow


I had one fitted on 4th november. Been amazing . No hiccups. 12.73p kw. I have rang them because want 2 rate meter. They said im on it so wait fir 1st bill 4th december. Also i have just had solar panels on roof (july).

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Still waiting for them to put me on out going export tariff. Going to give them to end of this month

Yea ditto , freedom of speech is a free choice !!

I’ve spoke to 4 different people over email now, back and forth then it goes quiet, I ask for an update and never get anything back so I end up phoning up again to start the same process all over. Nightmare!

I too had a nightmare. The engineer left the meter in the hallway with wires everywhere. I have a young daughter, so logically not feasible to leave there, if only he asked or used a brain cell or two…

Now I have a meter NOT working - NO Connection !!! And Bulb have NOT replied to date… HELP !!!

I’m intrigued. Could you elaborate on this? You mean the disconnected meter is just left on the floor in the hallway and you no longer have an electrical supply?!?

The meter was left on top of the box it came in. The meter wires were a mess and the meter was NOT working - NO connection, but I have working electricity.

I have tried to reconnect the meter, using the booklet - to no avail. Any advice ?

I think you’re talking about your In Home Display (IHD)? That’s just a display device. The meter is the thing physically connected to your incoming electricity supply. By “wires everywhere” do you mean the one single power cable from the plug to the display? What other wires are there? There should be only one. The technician will have just left if somewhere conveniently plugged in, you’re free to move it yourself it’s not a big issue so long as it’s not too far away from the actual electricity meter itself.

Take a look at this help article and this thread. It’s a common problem, affecting all suppliers not just Bulb. As a first attempt you should fill out this form.

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I have moved it, next to the supply literally. No connection signal, reset it etc. I work with electronics daily and I am struggling, not a clever piece of equipment NOR any contact details for support or CS agents - Very shabby equipment and disappointed overall with the experience.

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It’s not something you’re doing wrong nor something you can fix. It’s a supplier-wide problem that is going to take some time to resolve.

Have you tried the contact details on the contact us page? Did you read the information in the links I gave above, including using the form to attempt to kick off the IHD connection process again?

A common result from posts on this forum, and other suppliers.

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I have had smart meter with utilita for years and they have been brilliant,just changed to bulb 10 minutes ago to realise I may not be saving any money paying monthly as they said I would,if this is the case I will go back to utilita as they are fantastic!

This is not a may or may not qualitative problem. The answer is quantitative and a precise mathematical result can be established. Either the unit rates for energy are cheaper or they’re not. There can be a small complication where the unit rates are cheaper but the standing charges are more expensive, meaning you have to do a little simple arithmetic to get the answer but it’s trivial. If both the unit rate and standing charge are cheaper then you’re saving money, no question about it.

Don’t confuse the direct debit value with the cost of energy. One company could be asking you to pay £70 per month and another £80 per month, but it’s not at all obvious from that which one is cheaper.


The pseudoscience surrounding health risk of smart meters is not backed up by anything credible.

I don’t want a smart meter until the early adopter kinks are worked out. Then if my meter dies, I’ll have no problem with it.

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