Smart meter role out

Please can we all have a clear explanation as to why smart meter IHDs are failing to communicate with newly installed smart meters.
I except there may be teething problems with any new technology but keeping your customers informed is vital to maintaining loyalty.
My move to Bulb was a stress free experience and I am impressed with your clutter free web site so , PLEASE tell us what is happening.

@keithbcp I appreciate your confusion on this. There are a few issues that the IHDs can face. The first issue is that the IHD is not connected properly to the smart meter(s), so it doesn’t receive any information. The second is that the IHD is connected to the smart meter, but the smart meter doesn’t have information to provide any cost. The second issue happens when the unit price and standing charge is not being sent the the IHD so it cannot calculate the amount of energy in £s that has been used, or specifically for gas, the smart meter holds the daily calorific value that the IHD used to convert volume of gas consumed to £s. Hope that sheds some more light on the situation for you.

Ihd just started working today! It also seems to be working with my solar indicating when energy is sent back to the grid. Good news . I hope others have also experienced this.

Thought it was too good to be true. Stopped working yesterday, back to waiting for current data. :’(

Things are starting to look up. IHD now appears to be working and my first meter reading taken automatically from smart meter. Also clear information on statement as to old and new meter readings. All correct. Now all I need is an overnight EV tariff that will work with this new meter.

IHD stopped working again about a week ago. Tryed the outo reset page (good idea) on bulbs website. Stilll waitng!!!