Smart meter - roll out plan

Is there a schedule for smart meter roll-out anywhere? Is it being done by region?

Hi @Jez thanks for getting in touch. The roll-out plan hasn’t been finalised or scheduled yet, but it is likely there will be a regional element to it. I’ve added you to our smart meter beta-phase list, so you’ll be among the first group to know.

Please add me this the smart meter beta-phase list… just so I have an idea when I might get one.

Please also add me onto the smart meter beta-phase list.

Please include me in the smart meter roll out plan

Hi @bullen2050 @CET @garry840 could you please fill out this quick form and you will automatically be added to the trial, you can also let us know any questions you have

I’d like to know more about smart meter roll out, and /or take part in trial, please.

Hi @smaykmo if you’d like to take part in the beta phase roll out this signup form is the way to go, otherwise basically we’re planning on rolling out smets2 smart meters over the second half of this year and throughout next year, in small groups (of increasing size). If you’re on the list, you’ll be asked if you’d like one earlier than otherwise, and we’ll ask for feedback throughout the process so that we can make things easier and simpler as we go on

Hi once we are due for a smart meter fitting are we able to have it moved slightly (within 1metre) as part of the free fitting?

@duckfreckles as long as it’s within a meter, we would be able to do so for a reduced charge of £50 as it would involve the engineer being out at the site for longer than the normal installation job.

Just let us know when we get in touch offering the smart meter installation so we can add it to the installation request.

I’ve just changed from SSE and had their smartmeter. Quite frankly it was useless. Inaccurateand short of data. So, if you repalce it with yours can I have the SSE one so I can throw it in a lake ?

Haha I wish you could @ColinB unfortunately I think they have to be returned to the guys who made them for decommissioning and repair. Also pollution and all that