Smart Meter roll out

Oh and @juliana2516 and @ElectricRob too!

Hi @“SJ at Bulb”, will Bulb be able to supply/advise of the required “signal enhancing things”?
As @agsteele says, it’s unlikely that they’re the only person who’s going to have this problem when you do your rollout.

@juliana2516, Bulb aren’t looking to rollout their smart meters (trial or otherwise) until some time in 2018. The SMETS2 meters they want to install for all customers are pretty new so pretty much nobody from any supplier has one yet.

Would it be possible to add me to the smart meter trial???

@mowcius Bulb would install and supply an aerial or ‘T3’ aerial.

This enhances the signal at site to ensure both meters can communicate via the central system (managed by a company called the DCC). In order to actually install these, we’d need to attend separately, along with the comms service provider, which is Telefonica for South England and Arqiva for North England.

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Hi @Sam_Bulb, thanks for the reply.
Fitting a high gain cellular aerial makes sense for the communication hub if network signal is poor, but for the gas meter does it not communicate with that hub as mentioned above and not directly with the celular network? What is the solution to low signal across a large distance between the gas meter and communications hub?

Interestingly, DCC think 10% are going to require an aerial which is a lot of installations!

Hi @mowcius, correct the gas meter will communicate with the hub first. In the event that there is a large distance between the gas meter and communications hub, such that one cannot communicate with the other, a smart meter can’t be installed.

Hi @johnatbulb, thanks for the response. I have some more technical queries that hopefully someone can answer but I’ll shift them to this thread to make things clearer.

As the range was traditionally about 15m max, with a gas meter at the back of the house and leccy meter at the front, even I might need some solution to get them to talk to one another more effectively.

Hi Bulb team, could I be added to the smart meter roll out as well please. Thanks!

Hi @RHollow you’re on the list!

Hi, I’ve recently joined and will be connected to Bulb very soon. Could I be added to the list for smart meters please?

I would also be keen to be part of the trial if you are still needing more volunteers

Hi, me too. Please add me to your trial list if possible?

Hi, can I be added to the trial list as well please? Thanks.

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Hey guys - I’ve just arranged for my supply to be moved to Bulb. Is it possible to be added to this list for testing/installation?


@agsteele @mowcius The electricity meter will always have the main communication hub installed on top of it. It does mean that if the gas meter is far away from the electricity meter that there can be communication issues. This means that you will need to have some signal enhancing things installed for the gas meter to communicate with the hub.

Reading all the helpful contributions it seems likely that none of the houses in our street will work with smart meters in the future unless there is a signal enhancing process for the gas meter or the meter is moved. I’m truly surprised that there seems to be no recognition of this issue in the planning - or perhaps it is just not clear. :wink:

Hi Team Bulb, please add me to the trial.

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Hi Team Bulb, could you please add me to the trial. Thanks.