Smart meter roll out

Hi I’m new to bulb could I be added to the smart meter trial

Hi Oliver. Sure thing, I’ve just added you to the list. We’ll be in touch!

oh!! can i be added :slight_smile: =)

Yo @andrew1857 - of course!

Yo @andrew1857 - we got you :slight_smile:


I’d like to be a part of the trial too, if possible.

Me too

@tom3251 & @rpeel also added to the list :slight_smile:

Amazing, thank you Dan.

Count me in?

@alasdair1876 counted :slight_smile:

I’d like to join as well if it’s for electricity smart meters. Are there any specific requirements for setting it up, do we need to be homeowners or can the meter replace a standard economy 7 meter?

@eoghan No requirements at all! You’ve been added.

Oooh get me on this Smart Meter trial please, would get on this asap! :+1:

Please add me as well !

Hi :slight_smile: I already have a smart meter fitted, can I be added to the list please? Mine is one of the later smart meters so I guess should work when you enable functionality? :slight_smile:

  1. can I be added to the trial as well

  2. how do I know if I can have a smart meter?

Hi I'm new to bulb could I be added to the smart meter trial

Can you add me for smart meter.

Hi, appreciate it might be a while before smart meter rollout but happy to be added to any ‘interested lists’ or trial lists.
Many Thanks