Smart meter roll out

If you’re still adding people to the list - can I get on board too please? :slight_smile:

Yep same - please add me to the lists if possible - smart meters should be the way forward!

New to bulb too. I’d like to added to the smart meter trail too please

@charles3031 @rob_warby @stacey5040 @kulwant @jamie1366 @ian5756 @william4654 @grayham All added, thanks for the interest :slight_smile:

@charles3454 Anyone can have one, I will add you to the list too!

Hi there, I’d like to be added to the smart meter trial list too please

Welcome aboard @nathan9306 - I’ve popped you on the list :slight_smile:

Please add me to the list, Would like to give smart meters a go as soon as you start rolling them out.

Could you add me as well please :# Frankly, I don’t know why smart meters aren’t ubiquitous yet :confused:

Hope to be added to the list too if possible, got used to the ease of my smart meter

hi, if you are still adding to the list, please add me to the smart meter trials too please

@miles_bulb can I be added to the trial too please.

Yes to @katherine244 & @vitaly & @marcus2000 & @ketal & @cian – done now :slight_smile:

Certainly @cian and @ketal and @marcus2000 and @vitaly and @katherine244 :slight_smile:

I would like to be added to the trial list too please. Thanks

@tristan8408 your wish is our command

Just sign up and could I add to pilot pls?:3

@saifu you’ve been added now =)

Same here if people are still being added on!

@daniel6288 no problem at all!

Very keen to be added to any trials as well please