Smart Meter Roll Out

While I appreciate that Bulb will be rolling out smart meters by December this year(extrapolated from their latest statement), I feel there may be another set back and the date will change again. I am most certain there will be another delay. So far the general excuse being circulated is that smart meters cannot be installed because the software required to allow remote connection and communication with the suppliers data box is not ready. Personally I find this as rather absurd, unacceptable and completely disgraceful. Smart meters are doing only basic read/capture, store and send. What kind of set up do these suppliers need to allow a tiny device to send a simple duplicate text message to two parties securely? Certainly this can be easily done by 9year olds!!!.
I am getting reallly frustrated about this smart meter roll out and personally i know for certain that Energy suppliers will capitalize on these smart meters. So why doesn’t bulb install them now and activate them when the software is ready?