Smart meter second gen

I’m in the process of switching to bulb, currently on economy seven and have a second gen smart meter. Will this smart meter home display still be active once I’ve completed the switch? Will bulb use it to take readings etc, and I not have to manually submit them. TIA

@sam_davies1211 If your Smart Meter is SMETS2 (I’m assuming by second gen), then yes in a perfect world, it should work perfectly on Bulb, as SMETS2 meters are supplier interoperable. It would be useful if you could take a picture of your meter or give us the make and model as this could help confirm if it is SMETS2.

However, do note that the reality is a bit different, and Bulb have had quite a bit of trouble with their SMETS2 roll-out, the causes for this are many and varied. This is not too say you would encounter problems, but it is possible that even though things should ‘just work’ they don’t.|

For example, Bulb customers with shiny new SMETS2 meters still can’t get the Bulb Smart Tariff, yet those on many SMETS1 meters can. The list goes on.

What I will say, as a word of caution with regards to Bulb and Smart Meters. There is an eight legged image company out there that do a rather competitive TOU (similar to economy 7) tariff and have a pretty good record of adopting new customer’s existing SMETS2 meters without a hiccup, unlike Bulb.

PS: I’m not a Bulb employee, just another member of the public spending their free time on the Bulb forums image


here is my meter for reference guys…