Smart meter shambles bulb are worse than talktalk

Had smart meters installed Monday in the hope that bulb will accept my meter readings after 2 years of them constantly rejecting the readings.

Engineer said there was a problem commissioning and bulb would call following day to remote commission.

As expected no call So got onto chat fed a load of lies with promises of contact today.

Surprise surprise no contact as promised so I’ve spent all afternoon arguing with one of their (barly) trained chimps who just feed a pack of lies Constantly.

Now I’m told it can’t be commissioned and they have no idea when it will be fixed so now I’m stuck in limbo can’t switch away and the meters are now dumber I can’t even use the app to scan my meters so I’ll endlessly get bulb rejecting my readings because they won’t accept I don’t use gas in the summer months .

Looks like my only option is to wait 8 weeks and get the ombudsman involved .

Shocking company Terrible customer service

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I’m sure you know this but just checking.

In order to get the ombudsman involved, you first need to make a complaint at It is then the 8 week count down starts. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Already done thanks also cancelled my direct debit maybe that will make someone respond they can send bailiffs if they like I’m done with this company

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Hi @Duncdevon I can see my colleague has emailed you about the problems with your smart meter. To confirm the electricity meter has been connected to the smart network, but unfortunately the gas has not. We’ll discuss this with you further over email, but I’d recommend leaving your direct debit active while your complaint is being resolved

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Yes and I replied straight away haven’t had any further response which is about what I expected .

My account isn’t showing any updates It’s still showing the engineer supplied reading and the ihd won’t connect either .

My accounts in enough credit to pay any final bill thankfully I’ll be gone by the end of the month

Hi @Duncdevon,

I’m sorry for my delayed response to your email that was sent on Friday. I was not working this weekend so only had a chance to look into it today. A reply to your email has now been sent.

I’ve made sure this complaint has been raised and your case has been escalated to our smart team. I will be back in touch via email the moment I’ve got an update from our smart data team.

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So amazingly I get a call from bulb I assume to sort out the botched smart meter install .

No such luck it was just a call asking me not to switch to another supplier and what they could do to stop it .

They asked if I want to make a complaint ?

I don’t really see the point I’ve made multiple and never get anywhere I initialise a switch and I’m getting calls and emails with a lot of chatter about sorting my issues

It’s too late for that I have no confidence in bulb I’m literally counting the days till I’m free from this bunch of shysters

Do not call or email me unless it’s to tell me the smart meters have been commissioned I’m sick of the empty promises

Hi @Duncdevon,

I’m sorry for the frustrating situation and that we were unable to commision your gas meter and IHD when we installed the meters last week. But, we’re making good progress to commision your gas meter and IHD.

I’ve been speaking with the smart team about your case and I’m just waiting for confirmation to book in what is known a GICOM. This will require a couple easy steps during a time slot and after this your gas meter should be fully commissioned.

Your complaint is still open with myself, so if you have any case-specific questions please do not hesitate to send me an email at anytime.

If that’s where I go to the menu On gas meter and ask it to join the network it doesn’t work Ive tried it numerous times .

Also it wasn’t that the engineer was unable they didn’t try they told me bulb would have to do it remotely because he couldn’t contact anyone in the smart team they’d all gone home early apparently .

If you need me to do anything it will have to be 3pm onwards and don’t forget I leave bulb in 12 days

Hi @Duncdevon,

No, this is different. This is a coordinated recommissioning effort during a particular time slot. I’ve email you just now, and if you could please let me know a time/date that works for you and is preferably early next week, we can book this GICOM in.

I’m aware that you’re leaving Bulb very soon, this was why I did recommend delaying slightly your switch. However, with the timeframe we have we will do all we can to get this all connected.

Ok well I replied to the email on Thursday with a time I’ve had to reply

Hi @Duncdevon,

I’ve replied to your email. Your GICOM is booked in for Wednesday at 4pm. I’ve sent you the instructions to complete during this hour time slot.

Thank you just to let you know despite my expectation it actually worked

My ihd still doesn’t worki assume because there’s no mesh light ? but I don’t care about that and my electric meter hasn’t shown anything in the app since the 24th so hopefully that’s not failed?

The mesh light is for you NAN (Neighbourhood area Network) and as the name implies, connects your neighbours to your meter if they can’t get a signal of there own. The IHD and gas meter uses the HAN (Home Area Network). The electricity meter connects directly to the comms hub. By the sounds of it, you might need the IHD connecting to your account, but I’m not sure. I’m sure ether @Noah_at_Bulb or (when he comes back) @Matthew_W_at_Bulb Will be sure to help you.

That’s ok I’m not bothered about the ihd and I leave bulb on Monday thankfully .

Hi @Duncdevon I’m glad to hear the connection process worked for you last week. If you’ve got any questions about your switch away please do let us know