Smart meter showing really high usage

So I recently transferred to bulb from British gas. The day I switched my British gas issued smart mater has been showing me using a really hight amount of energy. I’ve been doing nothing different to previous physical usage (with my previous British gas tariff I was using about £1 a day, since being with bulb it’s showing £4 a day!!)

I’m getting no help from the customer services who have emailed me energy saving tips! It’s not me using more energy, I’m doing nothing different to before.

I’m concerned I’m going to get a huge bill

Is it possible the smart meter is giving inaccurate readings?

I’m shocked customer services aren’t open at the weekend. I’m still in my 14day cooling off period so may just end up switching back to British gas at this rate. Really not impressed with bulb so far!

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Hey @Brady Welcome to the community page :bulb:

I am really sorry you have not had a good service from us in regards to the query. I can appreciate how important it is to have a functional smart meter.

The meters have come over as ‘Commissioned’ which means they are connected to the smart network, it can take a few weeks post switch to get all credentials on the meters on our side and it should be fine.

I would actually like to take a look at your IHD so I am going to email you directly to take investigate and get this sorted.