Smart meter since October but still estimated bills

We had a smart meter installed in May 2019 but they couldn’t connect it straight away. After A LOT of chasing they finally connected it in October 2019 and we received our IHD. All seemed well and the IHD shows our daily/weekly/monthly/yearly usage. However, we’re still receiving estimated bills. Is anybody else experiencing this?

I’ve been emailing Bulb at regular intervals but they’re just ignoring me, which is driving me up the wall. I feel really let down by their customer service because we were initially so happy with them.

Lots of people. Their billing system is completely broken.

If you’re interested in a £50 referral link to Octopus Energy, let me know! I’ve just started the switch myself after months of missing statements.

I’m dumbfounded as to why Bulb haven’t started to moderate the Community forum especially when posters are actively encouraging existing customers to move to another supplier.

Have Bulb reduced their staff to customer ratio to such a level that they can’t spare a customer team member to pop across to the forum on a regular basis. What a shame from the days when we had Eleanor & Will and others from their customer service who were here on a very regular basis.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ve covered about a third of this year’s energy bill in the last two months. No complaints here :upside_down_face:

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I have no idea what is happening with their bill statements. I have just received my latest one and it has me billed for 11 months with credits and amendments. I am £600 in arrears? I have no idea if I have been billed correctly - it is a total mess. I can’t wait to be shut of this outfit.

Same here. Their billing system is completely broken. I’ve just finally had a statement for March and it’s all been rolled back to last October. It’s all wrong, and ends on an estimate even though they are definitely reading my smart meter.

If you’re interested in a £50 referral link to Octopus Energy, let me know! I’ve just started the switch myself after months of missing statements.

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Thanks! Can I ask, did you have a Smart Meter with Bulb? And if so, did it move ok across to Octopus? I have been thinking about moving but I’m worried about the smart meter not moving across.

@raymond4871 I’ve had some really weird bills too and ‘corrrections’ where they’ve credited us with £1,000 and then billed us back - it’s so confusing!

Mine is a SMETS1 smart meter installed by Scottish Power, that is one of the types Bulb are able to read on their smart tariff. When I move to Octopus, it will stop being smart. However, I plan to move onto the Octopus Agile tariff and so they’ll be replacing it with their own SMETS2 meter.

I’ve seen at least one person on here that’s moved to Octopus with a Bulb-installed SMETS2 meter and everything has been fine, with the meter working. It seems the meters often work better with Octopus than Bulb have managed themselves …

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That’s really interesting, thank you so much!

nothing new there then

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Hey @hbyork,

I’m sorry you haven’t heard back from anyone yet. We’re increasing our team to make sure you don’t have to wait this long for answers in the future as we know it’s not good enough.

There’s a few different reasons why the statements could be showing estimated readings still. If you direct message me we can go through security questions and I’ll have a look through your account.

Does that mean the team will soon be able to respond quicker than 30-45 days?


Problems, problems, problems… That’s all i’ve had since getting a Smart meter installed. The IHD has never worked. We had it installed mid-Dec 2019. Its now coming up for 3 months later and despite multiple phone calls, an email trail with ‘Megan’, and a whole lot of chasing, Bulb have gone completely quiet on me. Hello? Bulb? Are you there? Anybody?

The billing has also been rather odd (i.e. receiving large invoices than are typically more than double my usual electricity usage, following by credit notes for the same amount).

Very unimpressed. I used to be with Octopus and found them to have great customer service. Very tempted to go back!

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Me too. I’m switching to Octopus which is what I should have done months ago. I am able to recommend them if you need :upside_down_face:

cry me a river :rofl:

Ayeeee, something like that…

I had my smart meter installed at the end of 2019. Gas has never worked and now Bulb are either ignoring me completely (email support) or telling me that it won’t be fixed because it will take too long (forum moderators).


Want to echo what @Hooloovoo has said. My experience whilst on Bulb was much in line with what @hbyork, @raymond4871 and @jchidley have talked about. Which was really disappointing, overall the company is a far-cry from what they once were.

We also had a SMETS1 meter from SSE, which Bulb were able to read 100% perfectly, our daily usage was recorded, but Bulb could not then bill correctly for at all, which only makes sense if their billing system is utterly broken, which it appears to very much be. At the time I was on Bulb’s Smart Tariff and when we requested to move back to the single rate, Bulb managed to confuse our night and peak usage, which caused a massive statement and I resorted to finding the CEO’s internal email to resolve the utter mess they made of our statements.

We’ve also since moved over to Octopus and I’ve had a couple of small issues with their email support, but everything has always been resolved once I’ve phoned them and even now during the Corona virus lockdown their customer service has been overall impressive.

We are on Octopus Agile, and had our SMETS2 installed to replace the old SMETS1 meter within a week after joining, IHD worked immediately and they were reading the meter within 1.5 weeks. SMETS2 installs are unfortunately on hold now due to the Corona virus.

The Agile tariff is TOU (time-of-use) based and I’ve been very happy with how open they are with the way the half-hourly costs are calculated based on the wholesale price and without trying too hard, to shift use outside of the peak-time, over Feb and March our average unit rate has been 9.88‬p.