Smart meter, so why estimated readings

I have only recently (mid aug) switched to Bulb, I have a smart meter from my previous provider, so why do I only have one reading on my account, which is dated January 2018? Trying to get hold of someone is proving rather difficult! They havent even got my name right on the app!!!

Hi, if you take a look at the FAQS page there is one about smart meters. The 1st ones are supplier specific and not transferrable. I’d heard about this before switching to bulb so never bothered to get one. You might need to check to which ‘gen’ you have and see if it needs changing. I don’t have a smart meter so take 5 minutes a month to read and send the readings myself when prompted by Bulb email.
I don’t use the app so can’t help there. I’ve not needed customer service yet so guess keep hitting the email address at contact us.

I’ve emailed them about 4 times asking for help on how to read the meter. I suppose I’ll keep trying! Thanks x