Smart Meter + Solar PV + Smart Export Guarantee


Currently on Bulb with no smart meter. I am planning to transition to Smart Meter + Solar PV + Smart Export Guarantee.

Is there any specific type of installation I need for the Smart Meter or anything else I need to do prior to booking an install?

I wanted to check before potentially making a mistake somewhere.


Hi @jklondon Welcome to Bulb Community!

Great to hear you’re planning on getting a Solar Panel installation, do you know the size of installation you’re going to go for?

There should be a tile in your Bulb Account to book a smart meter installation, this runs through the eligibility questions for this aspect of your query.

You can read about our export tariff and the eligibility criteria here, to check this will work for you. Let us know if you have any other questions, or you can search for a couple of other great threads we’ve had with some of our more experienced solar generators on Bulb Community

Hi Matthew,

Thanks. So eventually ~ 4880 kWh probably in two phases.

I will proceed with smart meter install and search out the threads.


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