Smart Meter - sporadic readings

Since having a smart meter installed it has not worked as intended - it can send data to the ihd ok but not bulb themselves. Then we had a couple of power cuts at the beginning of the year and since then bulb have picked up a few smart readings but the bulb app can show a lot of days with no readings then it’s online for a couple of days.

Can I get it replaced with one that is not faulty?

Hi @Ronmack :wave:

Looking at your account, it does seem that we are receiving frequent smart meter readings and we are using these to generate your bills. The energy usage graphs in the Bulb account are still in beta, meaning that there can be some missing data or gaps in the graph. We are working on improving this service, but for the time being please refer to your energy statements if you wanted to be sure of your monthly billed amount.

-Luke :bulb: