Smart Meter still not even commissioned after 3 months!

Hello all,

I had my SMETS2 installed by Siemens at the end of May. As it stands today, other than supply acting as before, the smart meter element is still completely redundant.

The gas stopped working in August and to their credit Bulb had a Siemens engineer out within 3 hours to asses the problem, whereby they replaced the gas meter. At the time the engineer advised that the original units (electric & gas) had never been “fully commissioned” so whilst they were working for supply they would never work for purposes of smart metering. He then attempted to commission both units again but was unsuccessful in the time he was there and had to leave for another job. He advised I should call Bulb to request they organise another engineer visit to commission them properly. So I called Bulb, only to be told that they were working on “remote commissioning of units” and I should just wait for everything to start working.

Well, here we are on the 1st Sept and nothing has changed. Am I being given the right advice here i.e. has anyone else had their meters commissioned remotely or am I simply being fobbed off?

Thanks in advance

I’ve switched , fed up with bulb incompetence and excuses

I’ve been waiting two months, my gas is showing but not the electric. I’ve called twice and was given a similar response.

I’m getting frustrated with Bulb and I’m beggining to wish I’d chosen a different supplier. :angry:

I’ve switched , fed up with bulb incompetence and excuses

Did switching result in you getting working Smart Meters?

I’m in the same position. Meters installed 23rd May, eventually switched to “daily reading” after which I could see gas readings taken every ~2 days for a few weeks until these stopped. I’ve never had smart electricity readings taken and have been told in monthly phone calls that it wasn’t commissioned. Like you I’m waiting whilst this is addressed. I called again yesterday to check on progress and was told they would raise a complaint for me - but haven’t received the email they promised. Electricity readings I try to provide get rejected as the are numerically far lower than the figures on the old meter which still appear in my online “energy usage” readings. The IHD has only every showed gas usage.
If I’m being generous I will say the help desk have been courteous at all times. I’m aware that other suppliers are having similar issues. I accepted the smart meters to try to simplify my life (which backfired!) so I’m not going to let this stress me out. I’m being billed based on estimates - I’ve checked the estimates aren’t too far off.