Smart meter - still not getting statements

Ok, trying here as I’m having no luck via email. I had a smart meter fitted back in September last year, and the experience has been anything but smart. I’ve spent so many hours of my life back and forth to support because of bills not being generated, readings not being received etc etc.

I haven’t had a statement since May, despite readings showing in the account. I raised a support ticket/email nearly two weeks ago, got a response saying there was a bill failure on my account and it would be sorted in a couple of days, and that my complaint would be closed in 14 days. Well I emailed back last week to say I still had no bill, and I’ve had nothing back whatsoever from that email.

I’m over £600 in credit. All I want to do is have monthly bills generated automatically and pay them. Is that too much to ask? It was far simpler and more seamless when I had to submit my own readings - never had an issue before this smart meter.

Every time previously that this has been sorted out, I’ve been told the underlying issue has been resolved and so it shouldn’t happen again, but this seems to be a recurring problem.

Is there anyone who can get some eyes on this from Bulb?


Hi @pentorch, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience since your smart meters were installed.

I’ve taken a look at your account and fixed the issue that you were having with your bills failing to be generated. This issue shouldn’t persist, so you shouldn’t have any further issues related to this. It also looks like we are getting smart readings through for you, so that’s great.

Let me know if you need any other help :blush:

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Thanks Lou for sorting it out, really appreciated!

Fingers crossed that this is the final time… we shall see :smirk:


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Hi @Lou_at_Bulb - any chance you could check my account again please? It does appear like it hasn’t generated a bill again :frowning:

And again, it all got sorted again, billed properly on 1st September, and alas, one month later, no bill again. Whatever keeps getting done to fix this, clearly isn’t fixing it. This last time, all my bills back to two years ago (even before the smart meter) got refunded and then re-applied. This has been done previously as well (not quite as far back). The problem keeps re-appearing one month later.

I really want to stay with Bulb as we really want to support green energy. PLEEEEEASE can someone help figure out what’s going wrong each time???

Anyone at bulb able to check the above, still not getting statements again. I’m going to be cheeky and tag @Lou_at_Bulb again

Same here. I had the same problem last year after smart meters were first installed. All has been ok until October. No statement. I’m not holding my breath for November’s statement.

Hi @pentorch, thanks for the cheeky tag!

I’ve fixed this issue for you and issued your statement. This shouldn’t now happen again but if it does, don’t hesitate to give me another tag and I’ll cast my eye over it!

@Sloop, welcome to the Bulb community! :wave:

I’m just having a look over this now, and I’ll get this statement issued for you.

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Thanks again @Lou_at_Bulb, much appreciated :beers:

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Well I got a statement. Rather than give me my monthly statement, I had all my bills refunded from smart meter installation last year and a new statement generated from then for £1871.66.
It all balances out ok but I wish someone could explain what is happening. I had statements up to August 2020, why recalculate back to May 2019?

I wondering if the IT system is working properly. Is it time to switch?

Hi @Sloop,

The reason this happened was because we would have had to change the readings from your meter exchange when you had your smart meters fitted. This would have either been the last read from your old meter, or the first read from your new smart meter (whichever one was causing the issue).

As we only ever bill you to meter readings, if we change any meter reading in the past, we have to rebill you from that point. This means we cancel out all of your previous incorrect bills (if you had any at all), and generate you a consolidated bill for the entire time you have had your new smart meters. If you did have previous bills cancelled and refunded into your account, you will see these on your consolidated bill as ‘credit notes’.

@Lou_at_Bulb hey Lou, or anyone else at Bulb. Same thing again, no statement this month. I appreciate you keep getting the statements generated when I ask, but it’s clear the problem is never getting resolved. Would it be possible to kick it again, but also get this raised a little deeper to be looked at?

Thanks in advance


Can this please be escalated? The billing system is clearly broken. Apart from the few pockets of hope I’ve been given over the past 14 months, the support has been pretty abysmal on this (I thank those that have tried but as you can see the problem still prevails). As I’m sure I’ve said earlier in this thread, I really want to support Bulb and their values, but this smart meter billing has been such a burden it doesn’t feel worth it

I’m getting the exact same issue. No statement since September. Credit continues to grow month by month.

Whole thing is hopeless. After joining up to the community today it’s clear to see this is a big issue for Bulb.

Think I’ll start looking at another provider. I’m pretty sure I’ll get a statement quickly then.

Sadly I gave up on Bulb as they couldn’t seem to fix the statement issue. I’m assuming they have got IT problems.

You can find fixed price deals cheaper than Bulb fairly easily. The changeover process went really smoothly, surprisingly so actually. I got my final bill and refund in a very timely manner.

I do like Bulb but they need get the IT system working. The pricing is also not so competitive as it used to be.

I shall certainly monitor the situation and consider switching back if they get things sorted.

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Sadly I may have to do the same. Still nothing and no response. Looks like there’s a fair number of other threads with similar issues :frowning: