Smart meter still.not sending any meter readings

My smart meter has stopped sending readings to Bulb. It has a good WiFi signal. It has a good signal to both meters. I can see the smart meter with the app on my phone. My meter readings have been estimated for a few months now. I’ve reset the meter and tried different WiFi networks. How can this be resolved? I have already posted this but feel fobbed off.

Your smart meters do not use WiFi. They send consumption data via the comms hub (usually installed by the electricity meter), which are mostly supplied by EDMI and Toshiba (some WNC).

I think you’re talking about the in-house display (IHD). That does use WiFi, but only to get updates from Bulb (eg firmware, price changes, etc). It’s not involved in transmitting meter data.

Is the comms hub “WAN” light flashing rapidly? Or flashing slowly? (or off entirely?) Rapid flashes (~2 per second) indicate an error; slow flashes (1 per ~5 seconds) indicate normal operation.

If it’s showing normal operation, you might want to log in to your Bulb account, and change the meter reading frequency to daily or half-hourly (apparently monthly doesn’t work very reliably):

change how often your meter takes readings

Hey @martynsimo1 :wave:

It may be that your smart meters have fallen off the Home Area Network. This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display. Your in-home display may be repeatedly restarting because of this.

We submitted something called a Comms Hub Reboot for your meters which usually helps re-establish the connection. We haven’t heard back on whether it’s been successful from the DCC yet (as they run the smart network we need them to complete the reboot) but fingers crossed and the meter should start sending them again :crossed_fingers:

How did you reset your smart meters as I have the same problem.

Hi @keithryder,

I have taken a look at your account and it appears you are experiencing the same issue where the meter has fallen off the Home Area Network.

I have submitted a Comms Hub reboot for your meters which will hopefully get them reconnected. Normally this is done within 3-4 weeks so if you are still having issues after this then let me know.

– KT :bulb:

How does this happen?

My meter us not connected to the network.

Is there a definite means to reset the meter like"switching of and on"

I don’t mean this literally

Hi @keithryder

We communicate with your meters via the communications hub that sits on the top of your electricity meter. The communications hub connects to the HAN (home area network), and it is through this connection that we are able to communicate with the meters and receive data.

As your hub has dropped off this network, we won’t be receiving this data which in turn means that your IHD (in home display) will not be showing your usage.

The comms hub reboot should get the hub back on the network, and fix the above issues.

Did you have any more questions about this process?

Ele :bulb:

It is the comms hub reset that I am trying to get done.

There are no issues with the home display which is working fine.

The display and connection to my home network is not the issue.

If the meter is not connected to the GSM network how can it be reset?

I want to MANUALLY reset the comms hub in the smart meter (not the home display)

Is there a specific sequence of using A&B buttons to reset the hub?

Sorry for the confusion @keithryder

I have now requested the communications hub reboot for you. There is no way to do this manually and need to wait for our smart team to work through the batch.

This process can take up to 4 weeks. If the problem is not fixed after 4 weeks, please do get back in touch and we can raise this with the smart team.

– Robyn :bulb:

Am having the same problem. Only since 28 Feb. Can mine be rebooted as well?

I am having the same issue too. Keep getting told that a reboot has been requested via the DCC, but not sure how a reboot can happen if the comms hub is not connected to the WAN. It never gets re-booted from what I can see.

Hi @rachrennie :wave: Welcome to Community,

I can see you have been in touch over email and our metering team has taken over your case.

They should stay in touch with you regarding your meters over email.

If you have any questions then let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

– KT :bulb:

Hi @thomas.stirling, :wave:

Unfortunately in your case, we have requested the reboot from our end but your smart network operator has not been able to successfully complete it.

They are aware of the issue and will retry the reboot when there is a fix. In the meantime, you will need to continue submitting manual readings.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by this,

– KT :bulb:

I am still not seeing smart meter reads. It’s been 3 months. When will this be resolved please?
Thankfully I can send manual reads again, but it kind of defeats the purpose of smart meters.