Smart meter still not working

Had a smart meter fitted 3 months ago and it still doesn’t work, complained no end and not getting anywhere!!! Any help appreciated, keep getting fobbed off

Hi @simon_clayton,

Thanks for reaching out about your current issue and a warm welcome to Bulb community :wave:

So I took a look into your account and I do see that you have an open complaint with my colleague who is looking into your issue still, he hasn’t fobbed you off.

We won’t close your complaint until we have reached a resolution or have solved your issue.

I did take a look into your issue myself and I see that MDS (one of our meter contractors) had installed your smart meter but failed to install the gas, but they didn’t update your account with the new meter details so my colleague has done that manually.

This does mean that we need to remotely commission your electricity meter, I’ve just raised the issue with our smart team to attempt to remotely commission your electricity meter now and I will update my colleague handling your complaint on the situation :relaxed:

I have been told today that this is not possible, I wasn’t directly talking about Ryan he’s has been ok (however it’s took 4 weeks for a reply) I was told that remote commission wasn’t even yet possible, I can’t see why your installing meters when your partnership with the installer isn’t even formed to do the job in hand, and as for being fobbed off you will see on my account how many times I have Rand and online chatted with a promise of an update, upto now I have only had one person who has replied.

My smart meter hasn’t worked for over a year and I too have been relentless fobbed off.
I suggest you just get used to it.

I’ll be leaving them in the next couple of months if they can’t resolve the problem, they have been really poor as a company to be honest

Same here. I’m leaving now since they have basically told me they don’t know when mine will be fixed.

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Same situation here as Simon_Clayton. Our unit connects once or twice a month for a day and then nothing.

I’ve emailed octopus this morning to see if they will take over my energy, asked if they can get the meter working too, if so it’s tootles bulb it’s been emotional👋