Smart meter stopped sending readings since 26th May

Our meter stopped sending readings from 26th May this year.
Would be grateful if someone could help on how this is fixed/ corrected (am assuming someone from Team Bulb will pick this up and get back to me)
Thanks Chris

Hi, I had my Bulb meter installed on 2/6/22 & it is showing waiting for meter reading. I have switched it off at the wall & turned the device off & on still not working.

I have notified Bulb on the app several times & the message says wait 48hrs.
I am concerned as I received an email saying my monthly payments will increase from next month.

This amount seems very high I am in credit and I can’t see my actual readings to check. Please can BULB get back to me .

The hub will most likely need rebooting. Good luck with that

I’ve had exactly the same issue from the 26th may the IHD works but nothing logging back to my account, I’ve reported it to bulb and now tumble weeds appear to be blowing through.

Hey all :wave: thanks for your posts.

@lbl202 It looks like there may have been a drop in connection last month due to the communication hub going offline. We will contact the network to get this re-established. This can take between 2-6 weeks to fix.

@OKComputer The problem you are facing seems to be due to the gas, I will email you for the next steps here.

@munrpa Your communications hub has also gone offline so we will need to request a reboot there. This will take between 2-6 weeks as we will be contacting the network and they will need to do this.

–Carl :bulb: