Smart meter stopped working for me, Robin

since Feb 22 , my smart meter is not sending my usage and have gone back to to estimates.

Is this me, or something at BULB end?

It is an old smart meter, type 1, i believe.

How much it is it to upgrade the smart meter?



Hi @RobinRamone - welcome to community :wave:

It looks like your SMETS1 meters have recently been enrolled onto the smart network, and we’ve just lost communication temporarily.

The smart team will get this back up an running again in a few weeks.

If you wanted to get SMETS2 meters installed it would cost £275+, because your meters aren’t currently faulty because you’re able to get manual readings.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Team Bulb,
My smart meters have also stopped sending meter readings to Bulb and I am back to estimates. I am trying to send readings each month as I’m worried about consumption and accuracy of bills. The numbers on my electric meters haven’t changed from last month though and the buttons on it don’t seem to do anything to change the display (not sure if they are meant to)
Is there any way that you can check the meters and get them back smart please or tell me what to do? Do I need to get them upgraded perhaps?
Thanks so much,

This has happened to me. First with the electric which seems to be working now but now the gas has now disappeared. I’m assuming this is an update to them as advised

Hi @KC12 and welcome to the community :wave:

It seems that your meter has been affected by a firmware fault which requires your meter to be replaced. I have requested an appointment for you from our engineering company and as soon as I have a date I can send you an email.

– Robyn :bulb:

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This is also happening to me . I’ve had no usage for weeks and now it’s only showing electricity . I spoke with someone at bulb who said it would be sorted in a few weeks . This was over a month ago. Can someone look into this please

Thanks for looking into it, I’ll wait for your email.

Hello, a new meter would grand as our one seems flaky.

I do believe it is now sending data again.



Just received my new bill and for the 3rd month in a row my gas reading is showing the same. I reported this last month and was advised that Bulb were receiving readings but they would keep an eye on my meter. I sent in manual readings on 23rd Feb and 10th March and theses show on the app. My new bill has ignored the those readings and entered the same as my Jan and Feb bills. Ridiculously I am being charged the gas standing charge but not for the gas. This now means that, by my calculations, I am now around £120 in debit through no fault of my own. Why do Bulb ignore manual readings when a report of a fault has been made? Since getting smart meters fitted I have had nothing but issues with my IHD and now readings. What are Bulb going to do to address this?

Hey Team Bulb,
I’m having the same issue, the screen has been showing the same set of numbers for a couple of months now. Nothing happens when you press the buttons.
Could we also get an engineer appointment too?
Thank you, :grin: