Smart meter + switched to EV tariff, still being charged for variable tariff

My EV tariff was switched over a few days ago, and my account say i am on this tariff, but not the bulb website, the bulb app or the IHD shows me having changed.
Having gone to insane lengths to get this smart meter, and tariff switched, and then scheduling car charging and dishwasher to run at night, I REALLY would like to see evidence that this is being reflected in my bill.
Internet connection to IHD is perfect, mobile connection to WAN is perfect, and yet more than 48 hours later nothing is updated.

Why is this so hard???

I’m absolutely not paying full tariff rates for the energy I’ve used since i got the ‘you have switched tariff’ email!

Hi @cliff,

I can see you were in touch with us about this over email as well and my colleague has confirmed your tariff has switched.

This will therefore be reflected in your next statement. If you have any concerns when you received that then we can take a look :eyes:

– KT :bulb:

As those have never coped with Economy 7 properly (which has been around longer than Bulb), what chance do you think they’d manage to understand the EV tariff? :person_facepalming:

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6 days later surely the IHD, the smart-things app, the bulb website and the bulb app…none of them showing the right tariff still, even with half hour readings. Sorry, but that just seems bad. This is not rocket science, its just changing a tariff, how can software for an energy company not handle a tariff change?
Whats the point of an IHD showing the wrong figures?