Smart meter talking Welsh

Does anyone out there know how to get my meter back to English from Welsh ?
Also I’m only getting readings for electricity but have dual fuel. I have moved the meter around the house but to no avail
Can someone please advise?


How long has the smart meter been installed for?

To change language:

Press OK
Press the right arrow until you see Settings
Press OK
Press the right arrow until you see Choose Language
Press OK
Press righ arrow to find English
Press OK

Job done.

Thanks I’ll give it a go
The meter was installed at the end of June and was fine for a couple of days
We have been away for a while and left the meter plugged in but on our return it will still only give the reading for electricity, when I tap the screen to display gas or dual fuel nothing happens, bit annoying any suggestions would be welcome

Was it Bulb who fitted the SMET?

You can try turning the SMET off for a minute and then seeing if the information comes through.
If that does not work via the same Press OK system as above you can Reset the SMET.
If you do that and see if it comes through.

If you log into your Bulb account and click Energy Usage, does it show SMART readings for both Electric and Gas?

Thanks, yes my account shows readings for both.
I will try the reset when I get home