Smart Meter Tariff

Today I noticed the new smart tariff which is broken into 3 sections, overnight - 11pm-7am, off peak 7am-11pm and peak for 3 hours at 4pm-7pm.

As you can imagine the overnight and off peak unit prices are low (Overnight 7.59p per KWh & Off-Peak 11.28p per KwH) but the 3 hours peak charge shoots up to around 41.44p per KWh. I just wondered peoples thoughts on this new tariff? I was looking at leaving bulb as I found cheaper elsewhere but this has made me intrigued to maybe wait until the new year when they said they will be rolling out new smart meters. I know no one can give me a definite answer as everyone’s lifestyle will differ, but do people think this new tariff could offer a saving if you are careful and maybe only use appliances like washing machines/tumble driers/dishwashers during overnight or off peak hours or is the peak charge so high it could outweigh any savings you make during the others hours anyway?

You could make it work, I’m sure. But for me I just want a cheap overnight period and then not have to worry about the day rate been excessively high.

This could save me hundreds. I need a smart meter ASAP as I use a lot of electric, my power hungry devices can go on a timer not to be used between 4-7