Smart meter tariffs


My smart meter is showing the correct tariff for Gas but the Electric one does not seemed to have changed and I don’t think it has ever shown the correct value.

Can you fix this ?


Do you mean the meter or in home display?

I am having a similar problem.
My standing charges are:

  • gas - 27.22p per day
  • electric - 37.92p per day

At the start of each new day, while the gas shows on the smart meter as 27.2 pence the electric shows 57 pence.
Perhaps this overnight increase on the standing charge is because of items left on standby or the fridge and freezer?
So, for the past few days I have assiduously turned off every electrical item before bed ( well before midnight), including

  • those items on standby(PC, TV)
  • devices being charged (mobile phone and tablet)


  • fridge and freezer (both small and A rated).

And yet still each morning the smart meter shows an electricity usage of 57p before anything is switched on. How is this?


I was talking about the in-house display.

Although checking the electric meter that seems to be wrong as well.

The figures on the mobile app seem correct, and it is correct on the bills.

It’s just that the in-house display is incorrect.


My meter is smets1 and doesn’t display the tariff. They wanted me to get a smets2 meter fitted but after fitting them there’s no way on earth I’m having one of them things fitted!

Hi @deltaalpha52 :wave:

I have just had a look over your account and we are receiving your meter readings so this is most likely an issue with your IHD.

Have you tried a hard reset of the meter? This may update the tariff information as it already appears to be commissioned.

Jen :star:

Hi Jen

Do you mean a hard reset of the meter? Not sure I want to mess around with the actual meter since it seems to be giving you the correct reading and is working for the SEG payments.

I’ve reset the IHD but the values are still wrong.

Checking the meter it has the wrong values in the actual meter. The rates are actually lower than the rates before the October last year increase.