Smart Meter Three Month Outage

Hi. My smart meter for gas is working fine. My electricity has not worked since the beginning of August. I have been in contact with your support who have tried various fixes with no result. Having a smart meter or at least access to readings/usage on line is important to me. I can’t believe it should take three months to sort this out.

Hi @CidermanMick

Firstly, welcome to the community! It is great to see your first post :wave: :tada:

I can see that the electricity is set up on our end and I cannot see any reason why the reads are not coming through.

I have sent this off to the smart team and they are going to have another look into a few other more niche things.

In the meantime please do upload meter reads so you can have accurate bills.

We will be getting this sorted as soon as we can, thank you for your ongoing patience :blush:


I’ll see your 3 months and raise you 18 months. Smart (!) Meter installed May 2019 and has never properly worked. Bulb not interested. I’ve had a couple of payments back from them but they’ve shown no interest in resolving. Possibly the worst energy company I’ve ever dealt with