Smart meter trial. Are they smets2?

Am I right in assuming that the trial is of smets2?, the ones that can be read by any energy company.
Just started the switch process, after getting fed up with first utility constantly nagging to have a smets1 meter installed :frowning:
If so can I be added to the trial list?

I’ve just started the switching process and was waiting for the smets 2 .is this going to be this on your trial ?if so can I be added to the trial list also ?

@Gavin23, Gwar, yes the trial from Bulb will be for SMETS2 meters.

@Gavin23 - yes the meters will be SMETs2 meters. We have been holding off rolling out smart meters until SMETs2 were available.

Can I be added to the smart meter trial?

@Bradip_975 done! :slight_smile:

I see you are allowing people to join the new smart meter trial. I have SMETS1 meters from First:Utility and Siemens. I was planning to switch to Bulb in July, but can I apply now to join the trial when I switch? If so I don’t need to wait until July.

Hi @arthur255 you need to have an account with us to join the beta phase. Hopefully with the software upgrade, we will be able to access your SMETS1 smart meter remotely and you might not need a new meter at all.

Hi, Can I be added to the trial too please?

@"daverw " and any others, please sign up using the form here.

I will require a new smart gas and new smart meter connection for my new self build home. I want to stay with Bulb. Hence there will be an overlap between my two accounts. Northern Power Grid informs me that,“Your energy supplier is responsible for installing the electricity meter.” However I can’t find provision for my situation on the My Account section of the Buld website or a direct way to address the company with this issue. Yours Walter Bathwater

Further to Owen’s reply at May 7, 2018 3:40PM, can I proceed now by signing up for a switch, and can you then put me on the beta?

HI @arthur255 Please do proceed with the sign up and as soon as you get your welcome pack, use the link above to the beta!


Thanks very much. My wife does not want yet another meter change, as last time it created a lot of work for her, first making access to the meters, and also afterwards we had multiple unscheduled visits from Lowri-Beck and another reading agency, which required her to be here on each occasion to let them in! So if you would be able to do a software upgrade to access our SMETS1 smart meters remotely that would mean my wife would confirm and we would switch now. Our current SMETS1 meters have the following serial number prefixes: Gas G4P03 Electricity 16P03, which I hope enables you to answer my wife’s point. Both were installed on 03/10/2016 by Siemens for First:Utility.

PS: I omitted to say above: I am disabled and use a wheel-chair much of the time. I am an amputee (TF) and have hypertension and a past stroke.

Hi there @arthur255 unfortunately at the moment it isn’t super clear whether or not we’ll be able to put through a software update to turn smets1 into smets2 meters. We certainly hope so-it would save a lot of people a lot of hassle-but we can’t say yay or nay absolutely at the moment. If you were to switch over and then sign up for the beta, that would involve installing a physical smets2 meter to the best of my knowledge.

My wife has agreed (reluctantly) to risk the possibility of a further meter change, on the basis that this should be the last time! Obviously if the SMETS1 can be upgraded that would be best. So I will now make an application today and then apply to the beta once I have my account set up. Thanks again.

I have now registered for beta trial having set up a new account.

@arthur255 Thanks for joining the beta test on the Smart Meters. We’ll let you know if there are any updates on the SMETS1 situation

Do we have a date for when the trials will start ?