Smart Meter Trial / Economy 7

Hi -

I’ve just signed up to Bulb & I’m looking to get a new meter installed as the current meter (dated 1987) says 40A max, and we may need more soon (we already have a 100A main fuse).

Will a smart meter allow the Bulb Economy 7 tariff? If not, how to we go about ordering an “non-smart” Economy 7 meter?

I’m not necessarily after a smart meter, but will happily go for a smart meter trial (as it would be silly to get a new meter now, to have it upgraded again in the near future).

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks, Martin.

@xnoruk thanks for getting in touch with us.

We can add you to the trial, we’ll get in touch if we’re able to provide you with a meter during the trial. Otherwise, we would recommend waiting for the full smart meter rollout as those exchanges will be free. Otherwise, it would be a chargeable service of around £95.