Smart meter trial


Could I be added for the Smart Meter trial list please?



Will do James. We’ll start the smart meter trial at some point in 2017, so we’ll let you know then.

All the best,

Hi @will

It would be great if I could participate in the Smart Meter trial too.

My building’s management company has just declared that residents aren’t allowed to enter the basement. This means that I can’t access my meters any more.

Without a Smart Meter, I’ll only be able to get readings four times a year, via the management company. (And only if they’re in a good mood, it seems.)

Many thanks,

Righto @tiggly we’ll be sure to let you know when we start the trial next year!



Can you add me to the smart meter trial please! Interested in Energy Monitors too.

Sure @windy. When we get new energy monitors in I’ll let you know and we’ll send them out to you. And I’ll let you know when the smart meter trial starts next year too.

add me too thanks

Would you be able to add me onto trial too?

Thank you!

Hi @alexb, I’m afraid I can’t for the energy monitors, but I can put you down as interested in smart meters when we start doing them latest this year if you’d like.

@james_d Sounds Good, Cheers :slight_smile: