Smart meter trial

Hi I am interested in getting a smart meter please can you tell me how to go about it ? Many Thanks,

Hello! You don’t need to do anything, I have added you to the waiting list :slight_smile: We will be starting to roll them out from early 2018

Is it possible that I could be added to the waiting list too? Thanks

@Mak I’ve added you on there now

Hi, I have a smart metre from SSE, I just switched yesterday and the process is in motion. I would like to carry on using the smart metre, or get a new one with you. Please can you try and make this happen.

@Tom_H if it is a 1st generation smart meter they only work in ‘smart’ mode with the supplier who installed it. You will be able to use this smart meter with us but only as a normal meter. From early 2018 we will be rolling out the 2nd gen smart meters for our customers. If you would like I can add you to our smart trial waiting list

Yes, please can you add me to the list.

Sure thang @Tom_H all sorted for you