Smart Meter Trial

Can i please be added to the trial for the new smart meters?

@GrantB - done!

Hy Ralf, Can I please be added as well? and if possible can you give me some details about it? Thank you.

I am also interested in the new smart meters - so long as they now work with economy 7 and solar.


@Fabri @Phillip_PAL - you’re both on the list now

We’ll start trialling 2nd gen smart meters from April. One of the big advantages is that their reads are available pretty much immediately and regardless of supplier switches - every supplier will be able to communicate with a 2nd gen smart meter regardless of who installed them (currently not the case). It’s also going to be possible to remotely reconfigure these meters to E7 or other multi-rate setups. As for solar, that really depends on whether you’ll be exporting your solar power through your import supplier. The meters themselves will be able to count both import and export though.

Also have a read here

I’d love to be added, please!

@LadyH done!

Hi, I am a new customer. I would love to be added to this list as my old supplier never offered this.
Thank you!

Can I please be added also?

Could I also be added please? Thank you!

Me too please!

Can I get in on this smart meter trial?

I would also like to be added to the smart meter trial

Please can I be added too to this - thanks

We would also like to trial the smart meter. Thanks

Please add me to the smart meter trial.

@Chantelle1 @HeatherK @TimT @MKS @brad_beighton @Azra @Will1 @Ddgp @Gil I’ve added you all!

Can you please add me to the trial too ?

Hi - how can be added to the smart meter trial?

Oh, can I be added to the list for Smart Meter trial as well, please? Thanks. New to bulb here, resisted my old supplier’s attempts as I did not want a gen1 meter that Bulb couldn’t read.