Smart meter troubles

Just been advised that the new smart meter has not been sending readings since may 2019. Called bulb and advised that the meter is not working but will not be replaced!! Been through all the different options to read the meter to send manually and none seem to show the info we need to send… why is it so difficult? Prob now going to get a big bill because you have been estimating our usage and now cannot send manually either!

I had a smart meter installed in May 2019 and still not working. I have to submit monthly readings. The in-house display only worked for a week, then shows nothing, and they are unable to get gas readings.

Since I have to read manually I don’t know why I bothered.

Hey @lucy060977 Welcome to Bulb Community, I’m sorry that your first post had to be with an ongoing issue.

Certain connectivity issues need a fix to be developed by the meter manufacturer, and until that’s ready there’s unfortunately nothing we can do to communicate with your smart meter and take readings.

Until then we should be able to take manual reads. You can see how to do that here and if you’re unsure whether correct, check if they make sense against the previous smart reads from May 2020

Hi, that’s my issue, all of the differing types of instructions do not correlate with the meter we have! Ever since we had the smart meter we have had no end of issues and are beginning to think about moving suppliers, I have had four separate house calls for the meter as it was not installed correctly, Now we have no data transferring to you. Can you help me to read this new meter as the old one was so much easier and need to send to you to stop estimating my bills!!!