Smart meter types

Will you be offering a choice of smart meter? If you are looking at more than one supplier then would you consider something that’s a bit more useful than just a standard smart meter like Glas from Johnson Controls?

@martin6608, Bulb have not yet advised as to what they will be offering in terms of Smart Meters or IHDs (In Home Displays).

Following the trial (starting April) they will likely have a better idea.

You’re talking more about the IHD rather than the smart meter though. With the SMETS2 meters’ HAN (home area network), customers should be able to link up their own CADs (client access devices), be it a new IHD or a gateway or device to perform other functions.

I suspect that as Bulb have to pay for it all and they don’t make any more money by having us use less energy, the in home displays provided will be somewhat basic.

The glas appears to be a smart thermostat rather than an IHD for your smart meter but you should be able to buy and connect something similar if you desire.

Personally I like the idea of the Presciense Mira gateway