Smart Meter Updates when moving from another provider

I have two SMETS1 DCC compliant Landis+Gyr (E470 & G470) manufactured smart meters. The meters cannot be read by Bulb but were only installed by BG a few months ago. I have asked BG if they will definitely be updating the firmware by their September promise but have been told that as I am no longer a customer this will not be possible, even though I will not make the final payment to BG until early September!! Replacing these meters does seem to be a waste of money!! Are Bulb able to do anything with these meters or do I definitely need to have them replaced?

As you say, it should be possible to enrol them in the DCC.

Unfortunately, no one knows what might happen with this right now. I suspect that Bulb likely don’t know much either. The process of enrolling old meters starts this year and extend for the next 18+ months. I doubt anyone will be able to answer your question until the process is under way and we see what happens.