Smart meter upgrade - length of time to get sorted?

So I had an email from Bulb in mid-Jan to say my smart meter software was being upgraded. No idea why particularly, I suspect they are Gen1 but have been read by multiple different energy companies so it’s never been an issue.
The gas came back on after a few days but the electricity is still not ‘smart’ again, it’s been over three months now. I can’t get usage in the app and have had to go back to reading the meter manually - so some upgrade! When I contacted Bulb they just said it would come back online eventually. Anyone else experiencing problems?

Yes exactly same as you. So frustrating.

Install the loop app and register your electricity meter (it’s easy) and your electricity meter usage/costs will pool in. God knows why bulb isn’t getting them as they’re being transmitted on the wide area network

Hi @pararge ,

Yes that is correct, please send us manual readings until the new DCC enrolled meter starts sending us your readings automatically. Please can you submit readings from Register 1 ( R1) .

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–Suki :hibiscus: