Smart Meter Upgrade or Geeting my Gas on Smart meter too

I have a Smart meter (for electric) that was here when I bought my new build, I signed up with Bulb and they take readings.

I was wondering how I can get Bulb to install a smart meter for my gas or upgrade my existing smart meter to cover both?

Contact bulb(details at the bottom of this page) and ask for a gas meter install.
Can’t have one meter for both

Hey @mrlambo :wave:

Thanks for posting on Community :partying_face:

It looks as though we supply a property of yours already where there’s a smart elec meter and a smart gas meter that just isn’t fully connected to yet. Is this the gas meter you mean?

If so, the issue is that is hasn’t been commissioned- essentially its not linked up to the smart network. We can try and attempt to fix this remotely, I’ve sent you an email to discuss this further :relaxed:

– H :bulb: