Smart Meter Usage API


If I were to switch to Bulb and get them to install a smart meter, is there an API or similar I can use to access my historic usage data?



Unfortunately not, they were planning on developing one, but that seems to have been forgotten about. There are other supplies who do have a public API for users with a SMETS2 smart meter.

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If you want a great smart meter experience - look elsewhere.

I had SMETS2 meters installed last year and still no smart gas readings. There is no easy way to get even daily kWh usage data, never mind more frequent data. Lots of promises though and suggestions to use 3rd parties like Samsung.

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Hi @cyberjacob,

We’re glad to hear you’re considering us as a supplier. :bulb:

We ran a Q&A with Chris from our smart data team last week who said this regarding a future API:

Hi @Chloe_at_Bulb,

Thanks for the update, do you know if your smart meters still have the little red light that flashes for every Wh used?

Also, are you still going ahead with smart meter upgrades at the moment or have they all been postponed?

Hi @cyberjacob,

I am unsure if a red light flashes for every kWh of electricity used, but I will find out for you. Are you referring to a red light on the meter itself or on the IHD?

We have paused all non-emergency meter jobs at the moment due to COVID-19. We will be carrying these on as normal as soon as we can. This unfortunately means we cannot take any bookings at present.


Hi @SamR_at_Bulb,

The light would be on the meter, not the IHD. Note that the flashes are once per Wh, not kWh. They’re often labelled as “1000 imp / kWh” or similar.


Hi @cyberjacob,

Our SMETS2 meters have a red light which pulses once every 1/1000 of a kWh, i.e. for every Watt that passes through the meter.

Thanks - Sam


Any chance of an update regarding an API to access historic usage data?
Reading through the above, ‘Chris from Smart Data’ said “at latest, by the end of June” 2020 I assume?
It would be great to hear if things have progressed since…


Hi @Gregor :wave:

Thanks for posting and welcome to community.

Sadly at the moment, there is no update on this API being available but this is something that’s in the pipeline.

However, we do have a few recommendations. Some members use N3rgy and Samsung SmartThings where you can export more data than we can currently provide.

Has anyone else got any recommendations? :relaxed:

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

Hi all,

Please do check out our thread where we’re looking for feedback ahead of releasing an API: What would you do if you had access to our API?

We’d love to get your feedback so we can make it right for you.