SMART meter - Usage costs different from actual bill.

I have had a SMART meter installed since 26 June, and only since I called Bulb (a few days ago) have I received a Bill. However, I have now compared the Bill to that shown on the SMART meter and have been shocked to see that their is a cost difference of aprox £14 more per month than that shown on my IHD monthly cost.

Does anyone know why that is?

[I have yet to contact Bulb about the discrepancy]

Could it be that the bill includes usage prior to the smart meter being installed that the smart meter (and thus the IHD) will not be aware of?

Alternatively is it the standing charge that is not being taken into account?


Thanks for the suggestions as to what maybe the reason(s). The IHD seems to have settled down now, but I do wonder why the daily standing charge is not reflected in the daily cost shown on the display.

Not seeing a true daily charge of energy use (including standing charge) doesn’t help me to budget. Does anyone know why this is the case?

The IHD only shows the amount/cost of energy used the standing charge is not part part of usage. Surely you don’t have to be Dianne Abbott (Rachel Riley even) to add on 20p per day per fuel

Thanks for that.

By the way, who are Dianne Abbot and Rachel Riley?

Dianne Abbott is the labour shadow finance minister Rachel Riley is the maths guru on channel 4’s Countdown (a right stunner)