Smart meter v2 2018 Install

Morning, after receiving emails from you in April of 2018 I went ahead and had the new version of gas and electric meters fit by Siemens, two years on and Im still giving meter readings, and never got the in house display to monitor my usage, can you explain what’s going on with this and will it ever be sorted?



Hi @andyhorsfall74 and welcome to our Community :cactus:,

I’m really sorry about this experience you’ve had. I’m going to send you an email now so we can investigate this and get it sorted.

Hi Noah

After our last chat in July you sent my query onto the smart meter division to find out what was happening, It’s been over two months now and have never had a reply, can u help.



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Hi @andyhorsfall74

I’m sorry to see you’ve not heard back on this one yet. I’ve chased up our smart team on it, and I’ll send an email over when they get back to me.

I also had a Smart Meter installed 9 months ago. The guy turned up and installed it and informed me that because we live North of Nottingham the meter uses radio signals rather than the mobile network. He said it would pick up the signal ‘soon’. It never did and despite numerous requests no one has done anything about fixing it. I have thrown away the cheap and useless WiFi monitor. I suspect Bulb get a fee from the gov for installing it and now don’t give a damn if it works or not. Crap service from a crap company. My next ‘Smart’ move will be to switch provider.

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Hi @danbown, firstly welcome to the Bulb community.

I can see that you previously had a complaint open with my colleague and that our Smart team looked into this and attempted to re-commission your electricity meter. Unfortunately, this wasn’t successful, so we weren’t able to get your meter connected to the smart network.

We are aware of the issues affecting meters and are working to fix these as an industry, as this same issue can affect meters installed by other suppliers too, but I appreciate that it’s frustrating that you will still need to supply us with monthly meter readings, so I’m sorry about that. As soon as we have a fix for this, we’ll be rolling it out to our members.