Smart meter , very high readings

Smart meter installed in October but multiple issues. Wouldn’t read gas usage. Did the reset several times. Finally (over month later) seems to be on today. However checked bills and estimated usage in account and recording about double what we normally have used. Usual response of has anything changed etc from Bulb, which despite Covid hasn’t in terms of our power use. Only way to resolve apparently is to pay 120 for engineer to come and look at it and they will refund if problem. Wish I’d never bothered with it!

Hey @Jude,

Firstly, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

So I’ve investigated your account and I see that the engineer accidentally submitted your reading as a 5 digit reading instead of a 4 digit reading for the date of your smart meter installation.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, your latest bill has been amended :relaxed:

Also, looking into your usage they are based on smart meter readings. Is your physical meter showing a different amount compared to your smart meter readings?

So just to check as you have emailed me two bills , pone which says £181 in debt, the other one says £34 in credit. Please can you confirm which is the correct one (I am assuming given the comment re mistake that it is the £34 but would like confirmation please). The physical meter seems to be the same as smart meter but if it relates to engineer then that explains why usage seems higher than usual I think.