Smart meter went bananas for my final reading

I was submitting my final meter readings as I move house in a couple of days, but my gas (smart) meter showed two readings. The first reading was 1000 less than my previous reading last month, so I thought that couldn’t be possible. The second reading was 25000 higher than last month’s reading.

I knew they were both wrong, but my reading must be submitted so I had to choose one of them.

I submitted the 25k + reading and a popup appeared telling me it looked odd. I submitted the requested photograph but it seems like my reading has been accepted.

Additionally, a few months ago I requested that my smart meters be looked into. They aren’t sending automatic readings and the bills are unusually large all of a sudden. After 8 years of predictable bills, they got worryingly high.

The agent on the phone said he would remotely fix the smart meters and would organise a check meter to be installed to monitor the usage Vs readings.

Lo and behold, neither of these promises were delivered.

So, the question… how screwed am I, given that I’m moving house and will no longer have access to the meter by the time someone reads this?

Additional info: the meter is now displaying a single (seemingly correct) reading.