Smart Meter wifi connection issue

So I had to change my router due to it being faulty. About a week later I keep hearing a beeping and find out that it is the smart meter which needs to be connected to the new network. When you change your router there is always a long list of devices you need to hook up.
I orginally got the smart meter from British Gas (Geo Trio 2) and has been happily working along with Bulb for the past year.
Now I am relatively good with tech but this smart meter has me stumped. There is no network options in settings of anything like that. I have tried resetting but to no joy.
So my first port of call is good old google and youtube, to my shock there was actually no help. I even went on the manufacturer’s guide, that says there is an option in settings that just isnt on my device.

I tried to get in contact with bulb customer service as a good customer I just wanted some help and guidance about to do. After a chat where the guy basically didnt speak to me for about an hour he said he would email later in the day. 5 hours later (fair enough) I get an email with a link to the standard ‘How to connect your smart meter’ which I have seen on the site and is sadly not relevant as, as I had made them aware, the meter wasnt the same as in the guide.

I did a further chat and was told the same things, check the on site guide or google it. No real attempt to help.

I work in a call centre and certainly dont want to be ‘one of these guys’ I know that times are tough but honestly, I would be in serious trouble to give this level of serivice. For a brief second thought about leaving but not to overreact thought about it, as i like the company, and just want some help with my issue.

As you’ve switched from British Gas, I doubt that it matters much about connecting the IHD (which is what your Geo Trio is - it’s not the smart meter itself) to your WiFi, as there’s no-one going to be trying to communicate with it (British Gas have no reason to any more, and Bulb probably don’t know how to as it’s not a model of IHD they use).

British Gas probably blocked the WiFi setting on the IHD? Although, if you were previously connected via WiFi on your old router, then I’m not sure.

I had my Smart Meters installed by E.ON and the IHD they provide also has the WiFi setting removed. I don’t know why they do this.

I did contact Bulb and they said they could send out a WiFi compatible IHD if I don’t mind paying for one, but they could only do this when they have their team working back at Bulb HQ.

Hope I’ve helped :smiley:

If you want a read of my old post, here’s the link: Joining Bulb with a SMETS2 Smart Meter