Smart meter will be installed on monday, but .....


Reading the forum having second thoughts …

I only want the IHD to be guaranteed working, giving me the exact readings for gas/electricity, not too bothered about any billing/portal/DD problems etc (I’ll just put the monthly monies away)

Noticed a post were someone was told a new IHD will be sent out to them due to previous IHD problems (not upgradable) , does that mean all new IHD’s will work? Will I receive this new IHD?

The engineer will just install and leave saying wait for IHD to come alive :slight_smile:

I’m in the west midlands area and my meters are 1m away from each other (IHD will be on other side of outside wall were meters are installed)


Hi @Pauli ,

You best cancel the installation as Bulb (and their partners) will not be able to give you that guarantee.

It might be the case that on the installation date, absolutely everything goes perfectly, but the only IHD that the engineer has (and checked before they left the depot), got knocked during transit in the van and no longer works.

It might be the case the IHD works, but there is a temporary pairing problem which will take 48 hours to sort out… It might be an enrolment issue at DCC (which handle the backend to the SMETS2 smart meter system) which means they don’t transmit the accurate information from Bulb to the meter to the IHD (or back and forth)…You could have a heavily metal/thick wall between the meter and where you keep the IHD which blocks the signal… The engineer might mis-pair the meters and the IHD… The IHD might have been manufactured with a resistor which didn’t quite ‘make the grade’ and once it is powered up for a few hours, the resistor fails and so does the entire IHD…

Some of these are more likely that others, but with all technology, you can’t offer or get any sort of guarantee and when you look at all the ‘things which need to go right’ for it to work you are actually more surprised that things do work than not work.

hmmm, I think you may well be right :slight_smile:

Actually on hindsight … its not the Guatantee that was concerning me (like you said things fail) it’s more the timescale for the post install issue’s to be fixed, especially one person being told they would have to wait several weeks for a replacement IHD !!

The long delays just point to a business decision to roll out the meters as quick as possible. The only reason I can see for this is goverment deadlines with penalties if quotas are not met … I thought bulb wasnt big enough to be “eligible” for the fine?

One feature missing from the IHD is to actually display your meter readings.

30% plus of installations seem to work properly so you could be lucky :slight_smile:

EDIT: The IHD can actually display the actual gas and electricity meter reading.

So assuming it is working no need to access the physical meters.

hmmm, I think you may well be right :)

The long delays just point to a business decision to roll out the meters as quick as possible. The only reason I can see for this is goverment deadlines with penalties if quotas are not met … I thought bulb wasnt big enough to be “eligible” for the fine?

That’s my belief as well - and as per (and according to , Bulb were the 8th largest supplier in Q3 2018 ):

I'm sure Bulb would prefer to do this (delay rollouts) - but I believe it's an OFGEM requirement that energy companies convert as many customers to smart meters before the end of 2020 ( ) - less than 18months away. I believe Bulb could be "fined" if they don't hit certain quotas (SSE was fined £700,000 for failing to meet their SMETS1 installation targets - I think Bulb were exempt from those targets as they were then quite a small supplier - now they are one of the 'Big Seven/Eight').

As, knowing governmental regulations, the regulations probably only state something like ‘75% of all customers must have a smart meter by 31st Dec 2020’ - it probably doesn’t say anything about the meters actually being functional (or, if they do, nothing about the In-Home Display which isn’t “essential” for the meter operation), it makes more “commercial sense” to get as many physically installed “now” as possible and sort out the problems later: rather than spend 6-12 months sorting out the issues now (some of which Bulb may be waiting for DCC and others to sort out) and then try and fit hundreds of thousands of installations within the remaining 6 months… Absolutely stupid I know, but I can see the “logic and reasoning” behind it.

Thanks, interesting info

I’ve cancelled my smart meter installation, going to wait till just before winter starts when hopefully…

  1. can get the smart tarrif with my new smets2 meter
  2. they will have less problems after each installation so that any problem with mine will get resolved quicker
  3. most of the dodgy hardware will have worked its way through the supply chain, probably end up with a better IHD, cant see them swapping out working older IHD’s free of charge with the newer ones
  4. be able to graphically view/download my historical (every 30 mins readings) on my dashboard - probably more usefull than the IHD :slight_smile: