Smart Meter with Dual Band Communications Hub

My neighbour recently had an attempted Smart Meter installation by SSE, but was told the distance between his gas meter and electricity meter was too far for their SMETS2 meter. I had the SSE Engineer measure the signal by my gas meter and was likewise told the signal was too weak for reliable communications. We were advised to wait until the new SMETS with Dual Band Communications Hubs become available. What is the Bulb position on these meters?
Dual Band Hubs

Hey @pbacon thanks for getting in touch about this and welcome to the Bulb community page

The smart network is managed by a central agency called the DCC. The dual-band communications hubs aren’t currently available to any supplier and our position is also to only install a smart meter when the information we have shows the installation is likely to be successful, so there’s not a need for follow up appointments.

You can see more information from the DCC on how the new communications hubs will help

Any update on the roll out of DBCH equipped Smart Meters by Bulb?