Smart Meter Wrong?

I rand Bulb a few weeks ago to say I thought my smart meter was giving wrong info. I was told £150 for engineer to come out and check. If there is a problem I won’t have to pay.

28/3/22 - someone in in the morning then no one in afternoon until about 8 - £2.86 electric used all day.

2/4/22 - nobody in for 24 hours. Heating turned off and on electric lamp on a timer for 3 hours - 35p gas used and £4.26 electric used??? Any ideas???

Just a suggestion, have a look at the actual usage submitted to bulb on your account.

I’ve had occasions in the past where I’ve looked at my gas, and despite it not being on all week, my IHD was reporting over £20 of usage. When I checked the reported usage on my account, it was only £7.

I’ve also had something similar this morning where I’ve put my heating, and after an hour my IHD was reporting I’d used £1.10 in gas, in an hour. I’m pretty sure that’s an issue with my IHD, but until my usage is submitted tonight, I won’t know for sure. If it’s not a glitch on the device, then there is something very, very wrong.

Thanks for replying! I don’t have an IHD, I’m going off the info on my app which shows daily/weekly usage