smart meter

Hi, can Bulb supply smart meters, and are there any discounts available?

Hi @starchamber

We’re getting pretty close to starting a trial for both smart meters and energy monitors. Would you be interested in being part of the trial? If so I can put your name on the list of people we could potentially involve.

Yes please that’d be great.

Great stuff. I’ll add you to the list! Just so you know, I can’t guarantee that we will have enough spaces on the trial for everyone who wants to be involved, so there’s a chance we might not be able to involve you. We probably can, but I don’t want to disappoint you later by promising too much now.

Could you add me to the Smart Meter waiting list too please

@bluefrog, yup, will do.

Hi, I’d also be interested in being involved in such a trial!

@hcdayantis righto. I’ll add you to the list too

Very interested in a smart meter too!

Hi @savetheplanet - great you’re interested in getting involved. Will add you to the list of the smart meter trial. But on a related note - the energy monitor trial is about to kick off… Would you be interested in being involved in that too?

How is that different from a smart meter?

Good question @savetheplanet - sorry not to have clarified earlier.

An energy monitor is a piece of pre smart meter technology where you put a device onto your meter that sends information about your usage to your mobile device.

However, unlike a smart meter which communicates your meter reading and usage to your supplier, an energy monitor is only a consumer device that provides you with the information about your usage and is not connected to your supplier.

Hope that’s a bit clearer!

Yes very interested in the energy monitor too. Useful to see my usage in real time so I can cut my bills. My boiler is electric so expensive to run, although I sleep better knowing its renewable with bulb! Does the energy monitor give a KWh usage like a meter? Be interesting to see how well calibrated is monitor vs meter.

Another great point and something we’d be keen to look into during the trial. Feedback on that issue in particular would be fantastic.

I’ll add you to the list @savetheplanet and you should be getting your energy monitor early next week. Great stuff.

Hi, I already have a smartmeter from when we were with BG - if/when you do roll out smartmeters, will we be able to use the one we already have with our Bulb account?

Hi @foxylou86

Yes, but not when we start the rollout. It will be a while after that, probably a few years to be honest.

Because the regulators haven’t set standards for smart meters yet, every supplier currently uses different meter types, so they’re not compatible between suppliers yet. We’re waiting for the standards to be set (which keeps being pushed back by the regs) before we start the rollout so that we’re sure that we’re installing cross supplier compatible meters. Work can only begin on making existing smart meters compatible between suppliers after this, and that’s likely to be just as long a process for the industry to work out.

So I’m afraid that the answer is a rather disappointing “yes, but not for ages”.

All the best,


Hi, can you add me to the smart meter / energy meter trials please? Thanks Jack

Hi @jack1

Yep, sure. We still have some energy monitors left. We just need to check that your meters are compatible. Here are the instructions to check -

Once you’re happy, let me know and I’ll get it sent out to you.

And here’s a bit more info on the trial too -

hi @will , my meter should be fine so please send one out. Thanks

Great @jack1, I’ll get it sent out today.