Smart meter

Hi Bulb :slight_smile: Can you please give me an update on your smart meter roll out? I have struggled to find any information on it on your website and am interested in getting one installed so I can track my energy usage much easier.
Also - do you have any update on developing a mobile app for viewing usage and submitting meter readings? It is the one thing I miss about my old providers - mostly because it was a useful reminder to do my meter readings!

Hey there @rachael! We are currently planning to roll them out for early 2018. At the moment, first generation suppliers can only communicate with the supplier that installed it. This means that if we installed them, you would be stuck with us which we think is unfair for you. We’re waiting for the second generation smart meters to come out as they’ll be able to talk with any supplier :).

As for the app, we are also releasing an iOS app quite soon (within the next few weeks) so keep an eye out for that. As for Android, there aren’t any concrete time frames at the moment but it’s on the radar for sure.

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions just fire away B)