Smart meter

How do I get a smart meter?

We aren’t offering smart meters just yet, but will be rolling out smart meters to our members in 2018. This is because currently only first generation smart meters are being installed in the UK right now. If we installed one of these on your wall and you changed energy supplier you wouldn’t always be able to use the smart meter’s functionalities. We think it’d be a bit unfair to do that to our members, so we will begin installing second generation meters as soon as we can get them and they will be able to communicate with any supplier.

I’ve added you @smn300 to our list of early adopters, to get feedback on the installation experience and using the meter and the data it gives.

Hi Bulb,

new joiner, just got my welcome pack through. Can I apply to be part of the smart meter trial, really want to get a daily update on my usage


Sure thing @graeme9353 you’ve been added :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in being part of the initial trial of possible?

@jody9635 you’ve been added to the list!

Please can I be added to the smart meter list too. Thanks.

@davidamos sure!