Smart meter

Hi. We are currently moving from British Gas and have a smart meter. We’d like to have another one when they are available or on trial. Thanks.

Hi @austen!

Sure thing, we’ve added you to the Smart Meter Trial list now :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, your British Gas smart meter will still work when you switch to Bulb, but only as a traditional dumb meter, so we’ll need you to send meter readings manually until we roll out the 2nd generation smart meters.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi, could I also be added to this list please? Our meter is v.old and needs replacing

@sheree8145 You’re on the list

Hi bulb, can you add me to the smart meter list as well please?

Thank you

@leigh4291 Also added :slight_smile:

thank you

Please could you tell me when this trail roll out will happen? Thanks

@sheree8145, from April

Thanks Mowcius

@sheree8145, unfortunately since I posted that, another update has been provided.

Industry wide issues are causing delays so Bulb are now expecting the trial rollout from June with the general rollout a few months later.

Oh dear. Can you check I m still on the list then please. Have been for quite a while. Thanks

@sheree8145 yes, you’re still on the list :slight_smile: