Smart Meter

Can I also have a smart meter please. I have just joined Bulb after being with OVO and I had a smart meter with them. It is quite amazing how much energy an appliance can use.

Hi @steve1905 - yep, no problem! We’ve added you to the Smart Meter Trial list now :slight_smile:

Hi @“Sam at Bulb” Can you please add me as well? :slight_smile:

Hi @laszlo911, no problem! I have added to your our smart meter trial list too B)

Hi @“Sam at Bulb” would it be possible to add me to the smart meter trial as well. :slight_smile:

@ross7516 You’re on the list :slight_smile:

hey there i requested to be on the trial list just wondering when this will be starting

@ailsa9812 I’ve added you onto the list! It’s looking like around the start of Q2-2018 (April-June)