Smart Meter

Moved to Bulb in Sep 2017, after 1 year with SSE, during that year had a Smart Meter Installed in Jan 2017, took SSE 7 months to the meter to display useage of Gas/Elect in ££, eventually it worked OK, but with SSE hiking their prices it was time to dump them. On the change from SSE to Bulb, the Smart Meter no longer showed and monetary amounts, which I accepted as SSE no longer was my supplier, however the Smart Meter still shows me meter reading for both Gas and Electricity so no longer needing to get on my hands and knees shining a torch to try and read a digital meter. So the Smart Meter does have limited use. Will the Bulb Smart meter be able to read the info currently being transmitted from the actual meters to the Bulb meter? or will it require new meters for both gas/elect to be fitted?

Hi @clifford1169 where is the smart meter that is currently showing your gas and electricity meter readings? If it is in your kitchen or living room, that sounds like an energy monitor, which unfortunately won’t give accurate readings and you will need to use the original meters (even on your hands and knees - sorry). The good news is that when the second generation smart meters come out in 2018, eventually (probably late 2018) we will be able to communicate with them and they will resume smart functionality, so you shouldn’t need a new meter to be fitted. Hope that helps. Owen

Hi Owen at Bulb The Meter is the SSE version of “Smart Meter”, it can be anywhere within 3-4 mtrs of the actual meters, it displayed when with SSE total ££ spent so far at anytime during the day, you could check Gas or Elect useage, sepeartely, check KWH etc, As regards meter readings shown by the Smart Meter they are accurate just checked them today they match the physical readings on the actual gas/elect meters, they just don’t display monetary amounts because SSE no longer are my supplier. Thanks for the info on how the Smart Meters will not need replacing when Bulb provide this facility.

PS: I should have pointed out that the Monitor is not an Energy Monitor, the smart meters gas/elect actually communicate with the Monitor, and show actual data on Meter Readings. etc.,

Hi @clifford1169 thanks for clearing that up. So long as the display matches the physical meter readings, that’s fine by us :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply, the SSE Meter is showing and reading the correct figures from the actual Gas and Electric Meter, the SSE meter is NOT an Energy Meter. I have checked the SSE Meter figures against the actual Electric and Gas meter readings they are identical. The SSE Smart Meter, uses wifi/bluetooth or something similar to connect to the actual meters. I use it once a month its plugged into mains takes about 1-2 minutes to pair with actual meters then displays the readings, which I have on occasions checked the actual meters they are always identical.